Speaking at on "The Road to ES6, and Beyond"

Next week I will be speaking at in lovely Bruges, Belgium. It's the second edition of the local Belgian JavaScript community gathering and it's promising to be quite an interesting program. The title of my talk at is "The Road to ES6, and Beyond". It'll be about three things: (i) JavaScript’s past, and the long road to ECMAScript 6, (ii) a brief tour of ECMAScript 6 and (iii) using ECMAScript 6 today, and what lies beyond. [ Talks slides (pdf) ]

Designing the ECMAScript Reflection API

For the past two years, I have been working on a new Reflection API for ECMAScript (the Javascript standard) together with Mark Miller. Its most novel feature is its support for proxies, objects whose behavior in response to a large number of built-in functions and operators can be controlled in Javascript itself.

Last week, I finally finished a paper that not only describes the new API in some detail, but also describes the principles that helped steer our design.

Javascript at Google Research

I am currently a Visiting Faculty member at Google in Mountain View, USA. Together with Mark Miller I am experimenting with proposed extensions to the Javascript programming language. Concretely:

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