AmbientTalk actors are data race and deadlock free

We recently published a new article on AmbientTalk, an actor language I co-designed with a focus on developing mobile applications for ad hoc wireless networks.

The main novelty of the article is what we believe to be the first formal account of the communicating event loops model, which is the concurrency model underlying the family of actor languages upon which AmbientTalk is based. Interestingly, this model is also closest to the concurrency model you get in JavaScript, if you think of a WebWorker as an actor.

Operational Semantics of AmbientTalk

Together with PhD students Christophe Scholliers and Dries Harnie, I recently completed an operational semantics of our AmbientTalk programming language. We believe this is the first formal account of an actor language based on communicating event loops. The paper is currently available as a techreport. From the abstract:

AmbientTalk at Emerging Languages Camp

Last July, I presented AmbientTalk at the first Emerging Languages Camp at O'Reilly's OSCON in Portland.

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