New Website and Blog

I've recently switched to a new blogging system (Jekyll rather than Drupal), and I'm making use of GitHub's excellent GitHub Pages to host it. Have a look over at

Speaking at on "The Road to ES6, and Beyond"

Next week I will be speaking at in lovely Bruges, Belgium. It's the second edition of the local Belgian JavaScript community gathering and it's promising to be quite an interesting program. The title of my talk at is "The Road to ES6, and Beyond". It'll be about three things: (i) JavaScript’s past, and the long road to ECMAScript 6, (ii) a brief tour of ECMAScript 6 and (iii) using ECMAScript 6 today, and what lies beyond. [ Talks slides (pdf) ]

Java Fork/Join Parallelism in the Wild

My student Mattias De Wael, with guidance from Stefan Marr and myself, recently published a study on how the Java Fork/Join framework is being used in practice by developers. From the abstract:

AmbientTalk actors are data race and deadlock free

We recently published a new article on AmbientTalk, an actor language I co-designed with a focus on developing mobile applications for ad hoc wireless networks.

The main novelty of the article is what we believe to be the first formal account of the communicating event loops model, which is the concurrency model underlying the family of actor languages upon which AmbientTalk is based. Interestingly, this model is also closest to the concurrency model you get in JavaScript, if you think of a WebWorker as an actor.

Moving to Bell Labs

As of this month, I'm working for Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs in Antwerp, Belgium. I will be doing distributed systems research with a focus on programmability and programming models. I'm still active part-time at the VUB Software Languages Lab.

Direct Proxies talk at ECOOP

Yesterday I gave a talk at the European Conference on Object-oriented Programming (ECOOP) on our paper on direct proxies in JavaScript. The slides are available online.

Notification Proxies

At the May TC39 meeting I presented [pdf] an overview of Notification Proxies, as a possible alternative to Direct Proxies. This post briefly summarizes my talk, and the feedback I got from the committee. tl;dr: notification proxies are off the table, we're sticking to direct proxies in ES6.

Distributed Resilient Secure ECMAScript (Dr. SES)

This post is about a project I've been working on together with Mark Miller (with the help of many others) which we call "Dr. SES", for Distributed Resilient Secure ECMAScript". Dr. SES is a JavaScript extension aimed at secure, distributed computing.

Dr. SES extends JavaScript with three features:

A brief tour of Javascript's object model

In this post I will give an overview of Javascript's object model. To a first approximation, by "object model", I mean the mental model that a developer has of an object's structure and behavior. At the end, I will hint at how proxies can be used to implement (variations on) this object model in Javascript itself.

Proxies and Frozen objects

This post is about how frozen Javascript objects interact with the upcoming Proxy API.


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