Computer Graphics

Theo D'Hondt
Programming Technology Lab - Computer Science Department
Faculty of Sciences
Vrije Universiteit Brussel 









The test consists of a written and an oral part. The written part is concerned with the practical skills acquired during the recitations. Over a 2-hour session, students will be required to solve a number of original geometric problems and propose suitable algorithms. The oral part consists of a 20-minute presentation of a specific chapter from the reference book (see the Reading section) or other relevant publications. The presentation should be supported by a written report; the use of slides is encouraged. Students will announce their choice beforehand using a selection procedure that will ensure a uniform distribution of available topics over the participating students. The default topics are:

chapter 4. Linear Programming

chapter 5. Orthogonal Range Searching

chapter 8. Arrangements and Duality

chapter 10. More Geometric Data Structures

chapter 11. Convex Hulls

chapter 13. Robot Motion Planning

chapter 15. Visibility Graphs

chapter 16. Range Searching

An abstract (max 1/2 page) should be submitted (by simple email) immediately following the last lecture in order to approve/correct the student's selection. The essay (max 10 pages, preferably less) will be submitted at least 3 working days before the final test (preferably as a PDF document). This will consist of a 15 minute presentation of the essay (using overhead or data projector) followed by a discussion. The following practical rules govern the selection of the theme and the preparation of the essay and presentation: